zWallet : Get Paid to E-mail is a web-based free email service provider. pays its members to use free full-featured email service. zWallet offers a free email address and will pay you to use it because it places advertisements on web pages. shares part of its advertising revenue with its members.

You'll be paid 40% of their income. Referral level goes to 4 level deep. For 1st level of referral it pays 4% and 2% for next level of referrals. Besides Email Rewards Program, offers another opportunity to get paid by subscribing Email Rewards Plus+ Program from advertisers.  Join zWallet

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Valuepay: Get paid surf the web program Pays $1/hr. Referrals-5 levels ($0.10 for 1st level and $0.05 for next levels).
Wavevu: Paid screen saver program with 6 level referrals. For 15 screen saver launch: you- $0.60, L1-$0.15, L2-L5 $0.05.