Get Paid for Listening to Radio

RadioFreeCash is music program on Internet radio station, which allows you to do whatever else you like surfing the net, working, sending email, writing term papers whatever! It pays $0.20 for every hour you listen each month up tp 100 hours. Referrals upto 4 levels deep. $0.08/hour for 1st level and $0.04/hour for next levels. Available worldwide. Join Now
With Cashradio you can actually get paid for listening to the radio. It'll pay you cash-on-the-barrel-head for every hour that you spend listening to any of our 175+ channels of premium music programming. Available worldwide.The pay rate is (USD) $.25 per hour for up to 80 hours of your personal listening each month. Referrals upto 5 levels deep. $0.05/hour for 1st level of referral and $0.025/hour for next levels. Join Now
Soundom is the latest get paid to radio program on internet. Soundom pays you to listen to your digital music like CD,mp3 files and other music files. Listen to your CD's, MP3 files or enjoy Internet Radio. Use Winamp or Windows Media Player or whatever you like. You Listen, Soundom pays. For every ad that you see in the Soundom, you will receive 25% of the ad revenue, for a max of $50/month. Referral level goes 4 level deep with 5%, 3%, 2% and 1% recpectively. Join Now

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Valuepay: Get paid surf the web program Pays $1/hr. Referrals-5 levels ($0.10 for 1st level and $0.05 for next levels).
Wavevu: Paid screen saver program with 6 level referrals. For 15 screen saver launch: you- $0.60, L1-$0.15, L2-L5 $0.05.